Art Class - 1 Year Set

by See the Light
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THE ART CLASS‰۪ LIST OF ART SUPPLIESSupplies needed for almost all 36 Lessons of ART CLASSNumber #2 PencilGray Kneaded eraserWhite eraserPieces of 8å_‰۝ by 11‰۝ Copy PaperPencil SharpenerAdditional Supplies needed for several of ART CLASS Lessons11‰۝ by 14‰۝ white drawing paperA black Sharpie markerA set of 16 or more colored pencilsDrawing Pencil # 4BBlack or dark grey charcoal pencilA set of chalk pastels ‰ÛÒ 16 or more is best12‰۝ by 18‰۝ sheet of black paper (#30)Basic set of crayonsA rulerSupplies You Have Around the HouseAn old, but clean white sock (# 15)Round items of different sizes to trace (#10, #11, # 21, #23 & #30)Scraps of sandpaper, fabric, corrugated cardboard, etc. (#22)An older nickel coin with Jefferson (# 34)A pair ofåÊ shoes (# 31)Frisbee, plastic, or paper dinner plate (# 30)