Art and Work of Choir Series

by Cerebellum
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Choir is a compilation that requires both passion and expertise. The choral conductor must combine these two elements, creating a masterpiece to be enjoyed by many. This program exposes the choral enthusiast to an understanding of choral direction as an art form and describes the work required to attain both proficiency and perfection.THE VOICEVoice is the instrument of choir and in order to be effective, it must create a unified sound. This program explains how this can be done by educating viewers on breathing and posture as well as phonation, resonance, and articulation. The program also emphasizes the importance of listening and ensemble applications.THE MUSICThe music of choir must not only impress an audience but it must captivate the vocalists that will rehearse and perform it repeatedly. This program covers the significance of selecting choral music preliminary and interpretive score, study and marking the score. It also examines rehearsal preparation and techniques.VOICE & MUSICBringing the text of the music and the voice together, this program focuses of the words within a choral piece. It examines vowels, vowel formation, diphthongs, consonants, and consonant context. Musical application of diction and the conductor's role as an "artist" are also covered.