Are You A Red Cup Christian?

by Anchor
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Picture the scene: You’re standing on a corner in a college town and see hundreds of students holding red cups. Like those red cups, the people blend in and all look the same. Everyone seems the same on the outside, and you’re unable to see anything on the inside.In many ways, this scene represents the challenges you face as you move from high school into young adulthood. You may be going from a relatively sheltered environment to one of full freedom, and that transition can be difficult. Will you conform to the culture around you, or will you pursue a stand-out faith in this fit-in world?Veteran youth worker Lars Rood is convinced that you can chart a course that will make your faith an essential part of your life. As you prepare for life after high school, you don’t have to be a red-cup Christian: someone who blends in and looks the same as the culture around you.Drawing on the experiences of his own faith journey, Lars will guide you on the adventure of standing out instead of blending in, of fully embracing your faith and living it out.