Animal Home & Habtat Matchng Puzzle

by Spark Innovations
Animal home and habitat puzzle consists of 25 two piece(4.5x3.5) puzzles. The puzzle pieces are extra thick, laminated and very durable. Each animal picture puzzle piece can be matched to its home or habitat puzzle piece. When the two puzzle pieces are placed together they form a rectangle. The pieces are self-checking and no other two cards can be matched other than the correct combination. The picture cards are brightly illustrated and very kid friendly. The rounded edges make it safe for young toddlers to play with. This concept can be used to teach children about animal homes and where animals live. It gives opportunity to explore and expand on basic knowledge and vocabulary in a fun and educational way

Key Features :

KEY FEATURES – 50 LARGE PREMIUM (4.5 x 3.5) colorful and beautifully illustrated Animal and Homes Puzzle Pieces. Rounded edges for safe play and laminated finish-for long lasting and durabilityFUN and EDUCATIONAL – Builds tactile, motor, thinking, and learning skills. Introduces Animals and Homes/Habitats and improves basic vocabulary to answer “who” questions. Improves making associations, comparing and contrasting, describing, working memory, imagination, and creative thinking. Improves focus. No reading requiredSUPPORTS DEVELOPMENTAL SKILLS – Improves fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination by requiring your child to grasp and flip the memory cards. Helps develop cognitive abilities by encouraging your child to memorize card locations. Creates a social learning environment and encouraging turn taking skills. Supports language development through play and increases vocabularyCLEAR INSTRUCTION CARD with 5 Educational Learning Game Ideas and uses for the Animal Homes Picture Cards. Use them to play Old Maid, Guess Who, Go Fish, Headbands, Memory. Can be played in less than 15 minutes with 1-6 players, Matching Games For 3 Year Olds and upVERSATLE - Great for pre-school, classroom, speech therapy, center play, autism, education, ESL and ELL games