An Introduction To The Three Circle Strategy

by Anchor
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In The Prosperity Matrix, you will discover the three intersecting circles that represent the three foundational areas of your life that, when cultivated and developed, set you up to enjoy sustainable success.Get ready to learn how to make a lifelong pursuit of mastering each of the Circles described in this book?Spirit, Skills, and Self-Mastery. All three Circles represent key areas, with each area having skills that need to be mastered in your journey to prosperity. Each one of these areas interacts effectively in a prosperous life. Failure to enlarge or prolonged neglect of any one of the Circles, or focusing on just one Circle to the point of exclusion of the other two, will impair your prosperity.And yet, when you make it your aim to invest in each Circle of the Prosperity Matrix, you position yourself to enjoy the life of your dreams today!