An Inconvenient Christmas

by New Leaf Press
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It‰۪s Christmas Eve and the Winstead family is on its way to Grandpa‰۪s house for a traditional Christmas with lights, tree, presents, and turkey dinner. . . well, almost. A last-minute letter in the mail, an unexpected snowstorm, car trouble, and a fire all add up to make an inconvenient (to say the least!) Christmas for the Winsteads. Through it all, however, stripped of material encumbrances, the family learns about the true spirit of Christmas. Heart-touching story by Joe Bonsall of the Oak Ridge Boys Beautiful hardcover gift book, fully illustrated in color Expresses a need for a more spiritual Christmas Relates the true meaning of Christmas in a unique way Makes a super Christmas gift Foreword by Larry Jones, president of Feed the Children Inspired by the Oak Ridge Boys‰۪ hit song, ‰ÛÏAn Inconvenient Christmas,‰۝ written by Kyle Matthews This is one Christmas that the Winstead family would like to forget, but they will remember it forever.