An Enemy Called Average (Updated & Expanded)

by Anchor
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Divided into 52 \ uggets\ of truth, An Enemy Called Average is a source of godly wisdom, scriptural motivation, and practical principles. If you\'re looking for answers to the questions you\'re asking, then this book is for you. If you\'re tired of having to comb through ten pages to get one point, get ready for ten points on one page. Think about it...

*When wisdom reigns, it pours
*Fear and worry are interest paid in advance on something you may never own
*The faith to move mountains always carries a pick
*People are born originals, but most die copies
*Ideas go away, but direction stays
*Your problem is your promotion
*Being a servant won\'t make you famous - just rich

Give An Enemy Called Average one year, just one nugget a week, and your life will never be the same.