America's Struggle to Become a Nation

by New Leaf Press
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Provides 4th-6th graders a thorough understanding of the foundations of American government! Many committed their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to build the foundations of freedom and faith we have inherited. It is essential for students to understand this crucial period in our nation's history so they can fulfill their duty today, understand how our government is structured, and help preserve our freedom for future generations. Students will: Learn about the War of Independence through the Constitution Explore the lives of those who dared to oppose the most powerful military on earth Discover in-depth character comments, founder's quotes, and poetry from the time period. American history is so much more than lists of names, dates, and events. It is a colorful panorama of nonstop adventure, set against a backdrop woven out of real events that happened to real people. It is the story of those people with all their hopes, fears, joys, faith, struggles, and triumphs that makes the history of our country such a delight and inspiration for children to learn.