America's Story 2 (Student)

by New Leaf Press
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A colorful Charlotte Mason-inspired journey through American History! America had formed its fledgling nation, but all was not well within the Union. Slavery continued to cause disputes among the states until there was a civil war. Conflicts emerged as settlements kept expanding to the West, encroaching on Native American lands. And the Industrial Revolution was changing the way Americans lived and worked in the growing nation. In the lives of soldiers and sailors, outlaws and lawmen, pastors and pioneers, as well as Native Americas struggling to continue their traditional way of life, we see the history and controversies of the resilient nation unfold before us. Volume Two in this series for your elementary students includes: Interesting photographs, maps, and illustrations to help students visualize and relate to historical events Cultural connections between the events of the past and the modern world we see today Important features and narratives that add to the student's understanding of history from different perspectives Join us as we explore "one nation under God" as America stretches across the continent and tests the limits of the Constitution that binds it together. Discover why this nation then and now draws those seeking freedom to its shores form around the world as each person helps build the nation toward a prosperous future and contributes their story to American history. Also Available: America's Story Volume 2 Teacher Guide contains a helpful schedule in addition to learning and review opportunities. It contains art and geography components, and helps to connect the past and present in a uniquely interesting course.