American Literary Classics - The Transcendentalists: Teaching Henry David Thoreau - Botanist, Environmentalist & Journalist

by TMW
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The Transcendentalists: Teaching Henry David Thoreau offers students and teachers a first of its kind introduction to Thoreau. This program presents convenient and essential information for a first introduction to this famous 19th century American philosopher, writer and Intellect. Each chapter features instructional insights by distinguished scholars. Each educator develops essential information about Thoreau‰۪s life and his significant ideas to create a better understanding and appreciation for this nineteenth century American writer. Additionally, individual and chapter class projects are included to help discus and then write about relevant ideas. Transcendentalist scholar and English teacher, Richard H. Baker, introduces classroom strategies for teaching Thoreau relevant for today‰۪s student environment. Employing instructional classroom techniques that have earned him accolades at Noble and Greenough School, Baker draws upon relevant issues in each Chapter to foster discussion, writing and interpretation of Henry David Thoreau who secluded himself from 1845 to 1847 at Walden Pond in Concord, Massachusetts. CHAPTER SEGMENTS: Each Chapter is tailored appropriately for today‰۪s busy class schedule. To recognize the value of Thoreau in a classroom setting, each of the seven Thoreau Chapters opens with specific, relevant and applicable interpretations for today‰۪s student, regardless of age. By demystifying the numerous challenges for understanding Thoreau‰۪s essays, Professor Baker encourages individual responses to important issues, always aware of the difficulty in understanding Thoreau on a first reading.