All Is Bright (Cape Light Novel)

by Anchor
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In the little town of Cape Light, Reverend Ben Lewis reflects on Christmas past—while his beloved daughter, Rachel, looks to the future.

After some old photos spark Reverend Ben’s memories, he recalls his first Christmas as a young minister in Cape Light, when a prominent church benefactor stood accused of a serious crime, tearing the town apart. Ben had to carry the banner of God’s mercy into the fray—while struggling to prove to everyone, including himself, that he was worthy of his calling.

Rachel Anderson has trouble picturing life without her husband. But single dad Ryan Cooper might be just the man to show her there’s such a thing as focusing—and fretting—too much. Moved by Ryan’s gentleness and understanding, Rachel soon imagines a new world filled with hope. But deep loss and old fears are not easily dispelled, and Christmas brings a choice: cling to the past’s comforting memories, or reach for a future of bright possibilities…