All God's Children

by New Leaf Press
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A unique and interactive book kids will love! Book is easy for kids to handle and uses easy-to-read rhymes Book is die-cut in the shape of the children. Beautiful full-color illustrations of children from different nations, each dressed in their native clothing. Bible references are included for parents who want to ‰ÛÏdig deeper.‰۝ The rhyming text, the shape, and colorful design of the book will appeal to children; the biblical doctrine will appeal to parents. Features children from China, Africa, Russia, Mexico, Australia, Fiji, India; and includes American Indian, Eskimo, Arab, and Caucasian children. Children are full of questions and, thankfully, the Bible is full of answers.åÊOne question that sometimes puzzles even adults is ‰ÛÏWhy are there different races of people?‰۝ or it might be worded ‰ÛÏWhere did the races come from?‰۝ This beautiful cutout children‰۪s book explains the answer to this question in a rhyming text that every age can understand. According to the Bible, there are no ‰ÛÏraces‰۝ - there is only one race: the human race. We are all descended from Adam and Eve, and this book tells the story of how the race began with them, and how and why the diversity came later. This wonderful, biblically correct story will be a favorite of children everywhere.