Adventures Of Long Dog D'Silvo

by Anchor
SKU: 090150
Don\'t call Long Dog a wiener dog-he gets very upset! Equally upsetting for the Dachshund are his too-long ears, but sometimes they come in handy-as pontoons to help him swim and for \ elescoping\ up or around corners to eavesdrop on troublemakers.

This underdog certainly has a nose for trouble, leading the Doggie Gang into conquering dognapping rings, thwarting jewelry heists, and saving lives, both human and animal.

The yacht dogs travelling the east coast-a St. Bernard, Chihuahua, Sealyham Terrier, and even two snobby black Newfoundlands-come to view him as their heroic leader, as do Long Dog\'s people, the D\'Silvo family.