Adam And The Covenant Of Works (November 2021)

by Anchor
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J. V. Fesko seeks to recover and defend the doctrine of the covenant of works in this second book in his three?part series. He argues that it is biblical and a necessary element for a right understanding of God, the world, Christ and our redemption. Understanding the nature of the triune God?s interaction with Adam ultimately sets the stage for the work of the last Adam, Jesus.The book is split into three sections: history, exegesis and doctrine. The chapter headings are: History Terms Do This and Live Adam?s Faith Covenant or Contract? Grace in the Covenant of Works The Covenant of Works and Sinai Exegesis Written on the Heart (Rom. 2:14?15) In the Day that you Eat (Gen. 2:16?17) Do This and Live (Lev. 18:5) They Broke the Everlasting Covenant (Isa. 24:5) Like Adam They Broke the Covenant (Hos. 6:7) These Are Two Covenants (Gal. 4:24) Adam, Israel, and Christ (Rom. 5:12?21) Captive to the Law (Rom. 7:16) Doctrine Statement of the Doctrine The Covenant of Works and Sinai Justification and the Covenant of Works Grace and Merit in the Covenant of Works Excursus on Genesis 1:26