Acts 13-28 (Fisherman Bible Study)

by Anchor
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Acts 13-28: A Study of the Apostle Paul is a chapter by chapter study describing Paul as he is miraculously coverted, then begins to minister, preach and write. Paul emerges as a dynamic leader used by God to spearhead Christian outreach to Gentiles. Paul faced many difficulties, from prison to shipwreck, but he learned to trust God for help and wisdom. Paul serves as a role model for God\'s called for steadfastness under pressure in contemporary crises. Fisherman Bible studies are among the most popular on the market. There are nearly 60 book, character, topical, or core studies to choose from, so you\'re bound to find something just right for your group. Each study features built-in leadership helps and a flexible format you can use in all kinds of settings. 15 studies for individuals or groups.