A New Systematic Theology Of The Christian Faith (Second Edition)

by Anchor
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A New Systematic Theology of the Christian Faith expresses a fully biblical Reformed faith, showing its enduring appeal, coherence, and truthfulness. This standard of Reformed theology is saturated with Scripture, performing more exegesis and quoting more Scripture than other one-volume theologies and always encouraging the reader to measure theological assertions by the ultimate standard of Scripture itself. The result is theology that is God-centered.Other important features include:A truly systematic theology: comprehensive--covering all the main teachings of Scripture; coherent--showing how these teachings interrelate; contextual--relating biblical teachings to current issues; and conversational--engaging biblical, historical, and contemporary points of viewDistinctively biblical perspectives on matters such as a presuppositional approaches to Scripture, the use of traditional arguments for God\'s existence, the description and classification of God\'s attributes, the view of the Trinity freed from medieval embellishments; and much moreUpholds classic Calvinist positions on baptism, the Trinity, church government, and much moreInteracts with contemporary issues, the work of other theologians, and important contemporary theological documents, including Catechism of the Catholic Church and \'Evangelicals and Catholics Together\'Terms from biblical languages appear in Hebrew or Greek and in transliteration, allowing English-only readers full access.Numerous appendices covering special topicsAbundant resources for further study through footnotes, and a carefully compiled theological bibliographyThe book captures the author\'s warmth and sensitivity born of more than twenty-five years as a professor at leading Reformed seminariesTheology students, preachers, teachers, and professional theologians alike will benefit from A New Systematic Theology of the Christian Faith, finding it to be a rich resource for study and reference as they seek to understand and communicate about God and his ways.