A Grain Of Wheat

by Anchor
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This is the story of how a brilliant but disillusioned man moves from a self-absorbed childhood and adolescence to a dramatic awakening to a life of love and duty that draws him out of himself and plunges him into the world of pure science as his way of serving God and neighbour. The reader journeys with him every step of the way, experiencing with him his two great personal loves, his apparent triumphs, his devastating losses, his shocking moments of confrontation with bitter truth, and his final victory. In the course of this great adventure, the false assumptions on which so much of modern Western society is based crumble out from under him, and out of his disillusionment and despair emerges for him the one Glory which does not crumble away. Set in the American Middle-West in the first half of the Twentieth Century, this novel probes many of the issues that we face today and puts them in the context of God?s unfolding plan for humanity.