6 Phonemic Awareness Games

by Junior Learning
Teach phonemic awareness with this exciting set of educational games and activities. Topics include rhyming, alliteration, contrasting sounds and sound talk. Perfect for PreK. This value pack contains 2 board games, 1 megaphone, 20 sound cards and 32 rhyming cards. Each game has self-correcting elements. Contains game guide with instructions. Ages 3+.

Key Features :

Students will master phonemic awareness in no time with this great resource!This value pack contains 2 board games, 1 megaphone, sound cards and rhyming cards.Teaching topics include alliteration, sound talk, rhyming pairs, contrasting sounds, voice sounds and rhyming groups.Each game has self-correcting elements.Includes game guide with instructions.Encourages students to work together to develop their awareness of sounds within words.