(6 Bx) Watercolor Pencils 12ct Per Bx Full Length

by Crayola Llc
Kids can use these Crayola Watercolor Colored Pencils dry to color and draw or add a few drops of water to create cool watercolor effects. Experimenting with shading, texture and color mixing will produce a host of interesting color results. The colored pencils are pre-sharpened so kids can start drawing as soon as they open the box. The non-toxic pencils are made from reforested wood, something today's eco-conscious families will love. Each box includes 12 Crayola Watercolor Colored Pencils. Sold as 6 boxes for a total of 72 pencils.

Key Features :

Dry and wet techniques--watercolor and drawing effects with the same medium.Use just a few drops of water to create cool watercolor effects or use dry.The smooth colors are perfect for color mixing and blending as well as for practicing more detailed techniques.Crayola Colored Pencils are created from reforested wood instead of wood from old-growth forests. Non-toxic.