14 Keys To Lasting Love (Jan 2019)

by Anchor
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Discover the 14 secrets to a lasting and loving marriage.In this fresh, insightful marriage book, Dr. Kim talks directly to couples, showing you that marriage isn\'\'t just meant to make you happy but to make you holy. Over the years, through his ministry, he\'\'s conducted countless couples surveys. He knows what you struggle with and what areas of marriage scare you. He knows what you want and what you don\'\'t want. By looking at 14 major areas of marriage, Dr. Kim shows couples how to stay on the right track. Through chapters on empathy, personal health, conflict behavior, talking, intimacy, sex, and more, you\'\'ll learn how to have the happy, connected marriage you\'\'ve dreamed of.This book will change your marriage, and it will most certainly change you. If you want to know God and love more deeply in this life, 14 KEYS TO LASTING LOVE will show you how to do that.