10 Things Every Ministers Wife

by New Leaf Press
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Author Jeana Floyd shares her years of wisdom and insight from her participation with her husband's growing and visionary ministry. A vital read filled with practical tips that shares perspective on marriage, parenting, stewardship, and faith. Discusses affirming your identity, loving your husband, focusing on the needs of your children, and finding balance in your life and ministry. Ministry is a challenging vocation, even in the best of times. While the minister is the public face of the local church, there is someone else who plays a vital supporting role behind the scenes - a role that can be central to its success or struggles. Being the wife of a pastor or youth minister can be tremendously rewarding, but it is also a commitment of time, personal investment, and patience. Jeana Floyd provides a clear, concise, and honest view of this life. With "interactive testimonies" included from various pastors' wives at the end of each chapter, the book shares poignant and powerful insights any woman or wife can appreciate. Contents: 1. The Secret To Survival 2. Remember Who You Are 3. It Ain't That Hard 4. Love The Man You Married 5. Balance Is The Key 6. Let The Men Be The Men 7. It's KOOL2BAPK (Its Cool To Be A Pastor's Kid!) 8. Let It Go: Dealing With Criticism, Conflict, And Unforgiveness 9. Relationships Matter 10. Learn From The Past, Live In The Present, And Trust God For The Future