10 Minute Bible Journey, The

by New Leaf Press
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The 10 Minute Bible Journey is a fast-paced, synopsis of God's Word from beginning to end. Fifty-two illustrated accounts connect the chronological, gospel-centered storyline of more than 200 of the most strategic and amazing events from Creation to Heaven. Filled with vibrant, full-color illustrations and exciting "faith facts" that confirm the Bible is true, this apologetics-infused book is designed to help Christians of all ages achieve a new level in their understanding of God's Word and their relationship with Jesus Christ! Discover: 52 accounts with explanatory notes Devotional passages and summaries A convenient fold-out timeline Scores of little known facts The 10 Minute Bible Journey goes beyond the popular stories of Sunday school to present important context and chronological connections found within the puzzle pieces of biblical text. Master a new understanding of how the pieces fit together in the amazing, gospel-based map to Heaven. BONUS! ALSO INCLUDES: Hundreds of key annotations and endnotes The "Summary First" Bible read-through plan Tips for use in small group Bible studies