Kelso's Choice 'Hoppin Home' Board Game

by Cerebellum
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The fun and exciting board game was created to reinforce Kelso's Choice beyond the schoolhouse walls. Part of The Kelso Counselor Activity Toolbox, it will get children engaged and excited about conflict management. This game is intended for small group counseling sessions, for parents to use at home and more.Please Note: The Hoppin' Home Board Game will further develop and refine the Kelso's Choice concepts and philosophy, and does not constitute a stand-alone product. Needs to be played after the Kelso's Choice Conflict Management Kit lessons have been implemented.Hoppin' Home Board GameHelp Kelso and Lily travel through Willow Pond and back to their beloved lily pad. They'll come across conflicts with other animals along the way. Answer questions about your own conflicts and how to deal with them to help guide the frogs through their obstacles, across the pond and back into safety, peace and comfort. Comes with a deck of 60 Pond Problem cards to quiz students on how to use conflict management skills to solve common, age-appropriate scenarios and questions on the core concepts taught in the program. Game comes with a game board, 60 playing cards, 6 Kelso and Lily playing pieces, a die and timer. åÊ åÊ