Survey of English Literature

by Thomas Klise
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This magnificent five-part series offers a look at the history of English literature from the 1600s to the 20th century. Through colorful photographs, period artwork, and original illustrations, the major writers of each era are presented, along with their historical counterparts. Part One shows the 17th century as an age of transition, linking the Middle Ages with the onset of modern society. Part Two examines how scientific and philosophical advances created the self-confidence so prevalent in 18th century English literature. Part Three looks at the amazing literary legacy of the Romantic Age and, Part Four, at the stylistic energy of the Victorian Age. Part Five concludes the program with an examination of the many and varied changes seen in English literature of this century. The DVD includes five printable teacher guides featuring reproducible handouts, activities, exercises, vocabulary words, and other related materials. 86 minutes. Grades 6-12.