154 Steps To Revitalize Your Sunday School And Keep Your Church Growth

by Anchor
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This exciting resource is accompanied by two 2-hour DVDs for a 4-hour seminar that will allow Dr. Elmer Towns to inspire and instruct you and your church leaders in proven methods to bring about growth in your Sunday school and worship service. A long-time favorite for training church leaders.A few of the topics covered are: Correct Attitudes and Desires, Recognizing the Nature of Sunday School, The Role of the Teacher, Three Danger Levels (Plateaus) of Church Growth, Differences in Evangelism, Practical Steps to Keep Classes Growing, and much more.154 Steps to Revitalize Your Sunday School and Keep Your Church Growing, based on the successful seminar by the same name, is a great resource for any church that is looking to reach the lost through its Sunday school and boost its Sunday morning attendance.Dr. Towns is dedicated to teaching the biblical methods and principles that will make your church grow. He has preached in the ten largest churches in the world. In doing so, he learned first-hand the principles that have made each of these churches great. He will share many of these principles with you through this seminar on DVD.Includes: planning and promotional sections, suggested training schedule, student workbook, teaching helps, and two 2-hour DVDs.