Tell Me Why: Water & Weather / Ecosystems & Environment

by TMW
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The Award-Winning, Tell Me Why series based on the books by Arkady Leokum, gives informative and easy to understand answers to the many types of questions that children ask about everyday subjects, in a simple and entertaining manner. ÒWater & WeatherÓ focuses on questions like: Why do we have different seasons? What is a rainbow? Why does thunder follow lightning? What is water? How were oceans formed? What is the Gulf Stream? Topics in this episode include: Weather, Rain, Storms, Wind, Fog, Snow, Water, Waterfalls, Ice. ÒEcosystems & EnvironmentÓ focuses on questions like: What is an Ecosystem? How do we benefit from Ecosystems? What is a biosphere? What is the rainforest? What is a wetland? What is biodiversity? What is conservation? What is Global Warming? Topics in this episode include: Biosphere, Rainforest, Alternative Energ, Renewable Energy, Greenhouse Gases, Acid Rain, Biomass, Solar Energy.