Horizon Preschool Multimedia Set

by AOP
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Perfectly complimenting the Preschool Curriculum Set, the Multimedia Set contains videos, CDs, and CD-ROMs that coordinate with lesson themes. Used alone or in conjunction with Christian lesson themes, activities, and games presented in the Horizons Preschool Curriculum Set, these engaging multimedia additions will develop your child's love of music and keep him bubbling over with God's love throughout the day! Order the Horizons Multimedia Set today and start your child on a life-long discovery of God's love.With these engaging multimedia additions, student's will grow in understanding concepts and developing motor skills. Included in this must-have package are the following series and titles: -The Amazing Series (audio CDs): The Amazing Book, The Amazing Children, The Amazing Miracles -Music Machineå¨ Series (audio CDs): The Fruit of the Spirit, All About Love, The Majesty of God -Music Machine Series (DVDs): The Music Machine, Music Machine: Benny‰۪s Biggest Battle -Bullfrogs and Butterflies‰ã¢ Series (audio CDs): I‰۪ve Been Born Again, God Is Great, God Loves Fun, God Is My Friend -Agapeland Adventures (audio CDs): Nathaniel the Grublet, Sir Oliver‰۪s Song, The Birthday Party, The Story of Little Tree -Character Builders Series (Videos): Volume 1 (Obedience, Self Control, Goodness, and Faith), Volume 2 (Honesty, Responsibility, Thankfulness, and Gentleness), Volume 3 (Sharing, Kindness, Politeness, and Joy), Volume 4 (Confidence, Love, Patience, and Peace) -Kingdom Under the Seaå¨ Series (DVDs): The Return of the King, The Red Tide, The Gift -Rev-Up Series (CD-ROMs): Rev-Up for Writing, Rev-Up for Arithmetic, Rev-Up Reading -Miscellaneous (audio CD): Once Upon a Christmas