World History DVD Package

by CDI-Nest
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Below is a brief description of the World History DVD Package from NEST.

The Maccabees: The Maccabees family led their people with valor to win the war of religious freedom.

Beethoven: Witness Ludwig van Beethoven's struggle to overcome his hearing loss and creatively give the world music that stirs the soul.

Marco Polo: Marco Polo was an astonishing explorer with a vision that took him to India, China, and many other exotic lands far from Italy.

Louis Pasteur: With conviction, this great Frenchman discovered the cure for deadly diseases, after the death of his daughter.

Florence Nightingale: Caring for the poor and sick, a young English woman left a life of privilege for a life of service.

Christopher Columbus: A young man's determination leads to the discovery of a new world.

Marie Curie: Winner of two Nobel prizes, Marie Curie's love of science led to the discovery of plutonium and the isolation of radium.

Joan of Arc: With bold faith, Joan of Arc gained strength from the voices of angels and boldly fought for her nation's freedom.

Leonardo Da Vinci: The amazing breadth and depth of da Vinci's unique genius and character provide wonderful proof of the power of humility.

Galileo: Galileo was an extraordinary genius of astronomy that had the integrity to tell the truth he discovered about the universe.