The Story Of David And Goliath Video On Interactive DVD

by Nest Learning
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Available with both English and Spanish Language and Audio.

Teach faith, courage and other positive character traits through the Nest Learning DVD on The Story of David and Goliath.

One of the most famous stories in the Bible comes to life in this incredible tale of courage, faith and daring. David, a young shepherd boy who likes poetry and music, seems an unlikely candidate to save his nation from ruin. But when nine-foot Goliath defies Israel and blasphemes God, young David leaps into action, earning his place as one of the greatest heroes in the Bible. This dramatic story will transport you to the battlefield as you watch God at work through a humble boy.

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Each Interactive Story of David And Goliath features:
    All features offered in English and Spanish 
    English and Spanish movie and subtitles and audio dialog 
    Have fun learning history and character with 3-Level Interactive Quiz 

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Relive the famous Old Testament story of David and Goliath bible story!

Learn how David defeats Goliath and earns his place as one of the greatest heroes in the Bible! A story about courage, faith, and daring, this animated Bible video will transport you to the battlefield as you watch God work through a humble young boy.

Main Characters:
Saul; The Prophet Samuel; Jesse and his sons including David; the Israelites;  the Philistines; Goliath

Scriptural References:
I Samuel 15:1-35; I Samuel 16:1-23; I Samuel 17:2-49; I Samuel 18:1

Overall Theme:
God works in mysterious ways. When the proud and powerful King Saul disobeys God’s commands, God gives a shepherd’s young son, David, the power to slay the Philistine giant, Goliath. David will be the successor to the mighty Saul.


David, the youngest of the eight sons of Jesse, delivered food oneday to his brothers on the battlefield. When David heard Goliath thePhilistine defying Israel and blaspheming God, he burned with anger.The youth went before King Saul and offered to fight the giant, whostood six cubits and a span (or 9' 6").

After David recounted stories about defeating a lion and a bear withhis bare hands, King Saul finally agreed to allow him to fight.However, David rejected the king's offer of armor and sword and insteadwent out to fight the giant Goliath with a staff and five smooth stonesfrom a nearby stream.

Saul, King of Israel, struggles to do as the Lord commands.  Through the Prophet Samuel, the Lord commands Saul to destroy the Amalekites and kill all their animals. Saul refuses to kill their animals, saying they will be offered as a sacrifice. Samuel tells the arrogant Saul that obedience is more important than sacrifice and tells Saul that for disobeying God’s command, Saul will lose his Kingdom.

Samuel visits a shepherd, Jesse.  He tells Jesse that the Lord has a need for one of his sons.  Jesse introduces his eight sons to Samuel, including the youngest -  David.  To everyone’s amazement, God tells Samuel to anoint David as King of Israel, even though Saul is still the formidable king.  Neither Samuel nor anyone else knows how God will work His will.

The Philistines attack Israel with a new weapon – a giant named Goliath.  Jesse’s sons prepare for battle.  Since he is too young for the battlefield, David is kept behind to tend the flocks.

The Philistines offer the Israelites a challenge: single combat between each side’s strongest man.  For 40 days Goliath taunts Saul.  When David hears Goliath defy the armies of the Living God, indeed defying God Himself, David knows he must accept the challenge.

When Saul offers his armor to David, David replies that his faith is enough.  With one stone from his sling, David slays the mighty Goliath.  Even though the Israelites have beaten back the Philistines, Saul knows that he, too, has been defeated.

When David became the chosen one of God, he seemed the most unlikely candidate.  A mere boy and the son of a shepherd, David hardly seemed the proper person to vindicate the Israelites on the battlefield against Goliath. Yet God gave David wisdom, strength and courage.

BONUS Resource & Activity Books:
Each interactive DVD includes a 48-page Resource & Activity Book full of skill-developing activities, word games, puzzles, coloring pages, and more! Provides hours of fun and learning for the entire family! The special “Certificate of Achievement” located in the back of the book serves as an excellent award your child can display after completing the activities.

DVD Chapter Index:

  1. Saul Disobeys God by Offering Sacrifice
  2. Saul Puts His Will Above God's
  3. Samuel the Prophet Visits David's Family
  4. David is Appointed King of Israel
  5. Goliath is Presented as a Weapon of War
  6. David's Brothers Go to War
  7. Saul is Challenged by Goliath
  8. Goliath Takes Israel for 39 Days
  9. David Takes Food to His Brothers
  10. David Slays Goliath
  11. "He Will Deliver Me"
  12. Credits

Principles and Values Taught in This Video:
Courage, Faith, Obedience, Determination, Honoring Father, Humility, and Trust in God.