The Animated Story Of Joan Of Arc Video On Interactive DVD

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A terrific way to teach a child the historical story of Joan of Arc.åÊMain Characters:Joan; her father, Jacques; Durand; Prince/King Charles; Count Dunois; Talbot; Le Here; CauchonOverall Theme:Joan of Arc was a young girl from the French countryside who heard voices from heaven telling her to help free France.åÊ She sucessfully lead attacks against the English army during the Hundred Years‰۪ War.Summary:The year is 1429. France clings desperatelyto independence as English invaders advance into French territory. Justas the city of Orleans seems certain to fall, a 16-year-old maiden fromLorraine rises out of nowhere and through sheer, bold faith rallies hercountrymen to a surprising victory. Yet the celebration is short-lived;through treachery the English kidnap the girl, brand her a witch, andburn her at the stake. And so is born the astonishing-but-true tale of Joan of Arc.As a young girl, Joan lived in the French countryside.åÊ One day, she heard voices from heaven talking to her.åÊ The voices told Joan that she was called to help fight for the freedom of France.åÊ They also told her that Prince Charles was to be annointed and crowned the rightful king of France.Joan went to see Prince Charles but the Prince said to send her away.åÊ The warrior, Le Hire, reminded Charles of a prophesy that said a young maiden would save France.åÊ Prince Charles agreed to see Joan but planned to prove that she was a fake.Charles switched clothes with his tailor and hid in the crowd of people when Joan entered the room.åÊ He believed if Joan had special powers, she would be able to identify him.åÊ Joan was not fooled and she quickly bowed before him.The Prince was convinced so he made her a commander in his army.åÊ Under Joan‰۪s command new supplies and soldiers made it into Orleans and the English fled.Talbot, the leader of the English military, believed Joan must be a witch because she could not have beat the English in battle without the help of the devil.åÊ Joan was captured and tried on the charges of witchcraft and heresy.åÊ Cauchon, a bishop of the church, found Joan guilty and sentenced her to death by fire.After Joan‰۪s death La Hire and Dunois asked King Charles for control of the army.åÊ They wanted to continue what Joan had begun.åÊ The war continued for twenty two years before Joan‰۪s people were set free.åÊ Twenty five years after Joan‰۪s death, the trial condemning her was pronounced invalid and her name was cleared.Background:‰ÛÏGod uses whom he can!åÊ Even someone as lowly and weak as me!‰۝åÊ These words shed light on Joan‰۪s character and deep faith.åÊ Resource & Activity BooksEach DVD has a 48-page Instant Download Resource & Activity Bookfull of skill developing activities, Scripture references, word games, puzzles, coloring pages, resources, and more. Provides hours of fun and learning!Excellent for developing a curriculum, each Resource & Activity Book will enhance the learning experience your child will enjoy. Includes coloring activities with word games, puzzles, and other games that teach your child to think creatively. These books will enhance their ability to comprehend the messages from the video series in their entirety. Photocopy ready pages provide an excellent tool for Sunday schools, daycares and home schooled children that need curriculum. Certificates of Achievement in the back of the book serve as an excellent award your child can hang up with provide after completing the course.Principles and Values Taught in This VideoFaith, Reverence, Obedience, Integrity, Courage, Patriotism, Honor, and Leadership.