The Animated Story Of Florence Nightingale Video On Interactive DVD

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Florence Nightingale (May 12, 1820-August 13, 1910) was a pioneer of modern nursing and a noted statistician. Inspired by a"divine calling" she committed herself to caring for others and thus changing the science and practice of nursing

Main Characters: Florence Nightingale, her parents, William Russell, Dr. Sutherland, John Hall

Overall Theme: Florence Nightingale struggles with the expectations of her by others and her own wishes to bring her compassion to the sick and wounded. Her efforts profoundly change hospital care.

Summary: Florence Nightingale is the child of wealthy parents in 19th Century England. She is uninterested in marriage, society life and money. She wants to help the poor and accepts a job as superintendent at a hospital in the slums of London. When her parents find out, they threaten to disown her. Florence, however, knows this is what she was meant to do. She feels that to marry would ruin the life that God intended her to have.

War comes to the Crimea and British troops are involved. The British Army hospital in Turkey is full of the wounded and the sick. In an effort to relieve the suffering, Florence and a small group of women are sent to help. At the hospital, the women face the contempt of the military officials. The head of the hospital, John Hall, does not allow the nurses to care for the sick, but he cannot stop the nurses from showing compassion to the wounded men. Finally, when the situation in the hospital grows desperate, John Hall reluctantly allows Florence and the other nurses to minister to the soldiers. Florence quickly takes matters into her hands. Conditions soon improve and the death rate falls. The London newspaper publishes stories about her work, calling her "The Lady of the Lamp." A woman full of compassion.

On a trip to the front line hospitals, Florence falls ill from exhaustion and is near death. During her illness, she receives a brooch from Queen Victoria inscribed: "Blessed are the Merciful." She also receives a letter from her parents, expressing how proud they are of her. Encouraged by the recognition, Florence recovers and returns to the military hospital where the grateful men salute her and continues her life's work. Florence Nightingale returned from war a famous woman. She was able to open the first fully professional training facility for nurses with a fund raised in her honor.

Background: Before Florence Nightingale came along, nurses largely were untrained personnel. Through her efforts the stature of nursing was raised to a medical profession with high standards of education and excellence. As a result, hospitals went from places where the poor went to die into places where people go to have their health restored. Though it was not her intention, her reforms also had a profound impact on the place women held in society. It became more difficult to restrict women to certain occupations or activities. The freedom women enjoy today - to study, to choose an occupation and share fully in society - is largely a result of the efforts of women like Florence Nightingale.

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Principles and Values Taught in This Video: Sacrifice, Compassion, Charity, Goodness, Courage, Kindness, Persistence, Empathy, and Justice.