Living Principles - Abraham Lincoln - The Wounded Nation

by CDI - Living Principles
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Venture through history with this exclusive audio download collection that contains powerful dramatizations about Americas greatest heroes, their patriotism, and their belief in God. Follow the divided United States through some of the darkest hours in history with the Robert E. Lee's decision to leave the Union and the Battle of Gettysburg. Learn about the lasting effects of The Emancipation Proclamation and listen to President Abraham Lincoln declare that "government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish form this earth" in the Gettysburg address. Each audio download features incredible acting, music and sound effects. This impressive collection contains 8 memorable story tracks. FREE Bonus Study Guide - anexcellent tool for teaching with the Living Principles of America䋢 series. The study guide contains many interesting and helpful items ofinformation with questions that will make the listening of this series that muchmore enjoyable. Audio SampleTrack List 1. General McClellan 4:37 2. Politics and Military 6:08 3. The Slow General 6:24 4. Wounded Soldiers 9:02 5. General McClellan Replaced 5:09 6. The Emancipation Proclamation 8:01 7. Union Successes 7:35 8. The Gettysburg Address 8:05