12 Animated New Testament DVD Collection 2

by CDI-Nest
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Below is a brief description of the 12 New Testament DVD Collection from NestFamily.

John the Baptist Children will be inspired by the courage and conviction of this great prophet who prepares the way for the Lord.

Lazarus Lives Lazarus is resurrected after four days and life is restored. Martha, Mary and the others receive Jesus' promise for eternal life.

The Good Samaritan A story of robbers, a Rabbi, a Levite, a wounded traveler and a stranger with a big heart who teaches us to love our neighbors.

Jesus, the Son of God Meet the 12-year-old Jesus who astonishes temple elders with His wisdom. Witness His triumph over Satan's temptations.

Forgive Us Our Debts After Peter clashes with a tax collector, Jesus speaks to him about forgiveness. Teach your children how to truly forgive.

The Parables Of Jesus Three parables, The Talents, The Rich Man and Lazarus, and the Two Sons, are presented together to reinforce important principles.

He Is Risen The most powerful story of all - from Christ's heroic death on the cross to the glorious joy of the resurrection on Easter.

Bread From Heaven The thrilling story of one of Jesus' greatest miracles - the feeding of the 5,000 with a boy's five loaves and two fish.

Treasures in Heaven Learn the difference between money and riches. Jesus tells how God wants to give us the eternal treasure of salvation.

The Kingdom of Heaven In simple language, this series of favorite parables explains Heaven to a child and how to get there.

Worthy is the Lamb Through betrayal, abuse and crucifixion, Jesus fulfills every word of His ministry.

The Lord's Prayer Jesus teaches His followers the importance and great power of sincere prayer.