Light Speed Math: Numbers & Operations

by Cerebellum
SKU: GH3944

Light Speed Video Learning is a fun and effective way for students to understand a subject. Lively presentations by actors and comedians combined with colorful graphics teach students skills they will use in real-life applications. Each video program includes a digital workbook with an outline, video notes, practice questions, games, and quizzes. The subject matter correlates directly to state standards and is produced and designed by an academic team of professors, students, actors, comedians, and teachers. Fast forward to success with quality programming right to your home.Numbers & OperationsNumbers are all around us everyday, so math is a fact of life. It‰۪s true! It‰۪s important to develop a good sense of numbers,and that‰۪s what we‰۪re here to do. We‰۪ll establish an understanding of the different kinds of numbers, from whole numbers to fractions, decimals, and percents. Then we‰۪ll identify and solve problems with numbers to find the correct answers and solutions. Your math knowledge will expand to make number sense of decimals, fractions, percentages, square roots, exponents, and conversions.Topics Include:‰ۢ Number Sense‰ۢ Parts of a Whole‰ۢ Squares & Square Roots‰ۢ Converting Fractions & Decimals‰ۢ Adding & Subtracting Fractions‰ۢ Multiplying & Dividing Fractions‰ۢ Equivalent Fractions‰ۢ Common Denominators‰ۢ Working with Decimals‰ۢ Fractions & Decimals TogetherRun Time: 71 minutes