Rhyming to Read CD

by Jack Hartmann
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Product Description Ages 4 to 10 Skills: Reading skills This fantastic new CD includes 22 songs including... Happy Humpty Dumpty - he's happy because he put himself together Wheels on the Bus Rap - with more positive words than the original. The mommies go "here's a hug," the daddies go "high five," the rappers go "yo, yo, yo" The Latin Reggaeton Tooty Ta - in addition to Jack's very cool Hip-Hop Tooty Ta, this CD has a Latin version of this popular song 1,2 Buckle My Shoe - in a cool Black Eyed Peas styleåÊ 1. Rhyming to Read 13. Roller Coaster Ride 2. Hickory Dickory Dock 14. Hip-Hop Around the Clock 3. Happy Humpty Dumpty 15. Math Word Cheer 4. Wheels on the Bus Rap 16. My Whole Body Can Move 5. Right Here 17. The Add & Subtract Body Part Dance 6. Dancin‰۪ 2‰۪s 18. This Mother‰۪s Day 7. Exercise and Count by 5‰۪s 19. Make Any Shape and Freeze* 8. Daddy‰۪s Special Stew 20. Let‰۪s Get Fit* 9. Kangaroo Learns Left and Right 21. Mr. Alligator Can Chomp* 10. Could It Happen or Not? 22. Hip-Hop Around the Clock* 11. Days of the Week Rap Back 23. This Mother‰۪s Day* 12. Mr. Alligator Can Chomp *means open-ended and music only