ExerSongs CD

by Jack Hartmann
SKU: JH1270

For grades Pre ‰ÛÒ K to 3rd.These exercise and fitness songs for children focus on the following curriculum skills:Alphabet Recognition - Letter Sounds ‰ÛÒ Counting by 10‰۪s forward & back ‰ÛÒ Word Families Writing Readiness ‰ÛÒ Brain & Body Connections ‰ÛÒ Animal and Environmental Awareness Social SkillsThese cool creative songs get children moving, exercising and learning. Jack appreciates the different cultures of all children. These songs include a diversity of musical styles including : hip ‰ÛÒ hop, Latin, rock, rap, African, Caribbean, country, techno and pop. 1. Born to Move 14. My Fingers Can Be Animals That Exercise 2. Top Dog 15. Crazy Eights 3. Coach McDougal Had a Team 16. Swim to Stay Strong 4. Ooga Booga Boogie 17. Exercise Is Cool 5. Around the World 18. Workout in the Gym 6. Alphabet Workout 19. Exercise to the Alphabet 7. Counting Forward, Counting Back 20. Animals in Action 2 8. Machines in Motion 21. Warm It Up 9. Milton the Mouse Likes to Help Around the House 22. Cool Cat‰۪s Cool Down 10. Crossover ‰ÛÒ Latin 23. Alphabet Workout - open 11. Connect with a Friend and Freeze 24. Exercise as a Family of Words - open 12. Animals in Action 1 25. Exercise to the Alphabet - open 13. Exercise as a Family