Brain and Body Builders DVD

by Jack Hartmann
SKU: JH1280

Recommended for ages 2 to 9 years. Some of the skills on some songs may be too advanced for very little ones, but they will love the music and be able to follow the dancing and movements. Purpose ‰ÛÒ Each song and video shows fun body and hand movements that incorporate crossing the midline to build brain connections. These songs and movements can be easily implemented in the classroom to enhance curriculum learning.The contents and movements in this video are for educational purposes. Jack demonstrates the mirror image so children can visually focus on the corresponding side of their body. Jack's left side represents the children's right side. SONGS SKILLS 1. Alphabet Workout (Upper Case) Alphabet Recognition, Letter Formation, Fitness 2. Alphabet Workout (Lower Case) Alphabet Recognition, Letter Formation, Fitness 3. Animals in Action Creative Movement, Exercise, Listening Skills, Environmental Awareness 4. Exercise and Count by 5's Counting to 100 by 5's, Exercise, Crossing Midline 5. Crossover Cross-Lateral Movements, Brain and Body Connections, Learning Right and Left, Cooperation 6. Water Cycle Earth Science, Movement, Vocabulary 7. Top Dog Exercise and Fitness, Language Development - Superlatives, Self Esteem 8. Cowboy Dance Exercise, Fitness, Movement, Following Directions 9. Exercise is a Family of Words Word Families, Exercise 10. Going on a Treasure Hunt Sequencing, Creative Movement, Listening, Story Re-Telling