Just the Facts: Understanding Literature: The Elements of Poetry

by Cerebellum
SKU: GH1796

The Just the Facts: Understanding Literature series presents an innovative, lively, and contemporary approach to understanding the basic elements of poetry and fostering an appreciation of literature. In each program, a young host and hostess guide viewers through the basic elements of each genre with colorful graphics and an informative narrative from English professors. Question-and-answer sections throughout the programs reinforce the concepts presented. Just the Facts: Understanding Literature offers a unique learning experience and an effective teaching tool. The Elements of Poetry - Figurative language, meter and rhyme, simile, and metaphor -- these are a few of the many topics explored in this lively video tour through the genre of poetry. Other elements illustrated in the program include: oxymoron, assonance, alliteration, imagery, understatement, hyperbole, and more...