Torchlighters Heroes Of The Faith 3-Pack

by CDI-Nest
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THE JIM ELLIOT STORY DVDIn this episode of Torchlighters children will follow Jims adventures in faith from his college years to his work in the jungles, showing young people his faith in action as he answers Gods call to do the seemingly impossible. THE WILLIAM TYNDALE STORY DVDThis episode of Torchlighters follows Williams adventures as he works in secret to complete his task. Friends and allies will help him along, but enemies may be lurking behind any corner.Children will be challenged by the story of how William risks his life to bring Gods word to England. When they see the sacrifice William is willing to make so that others may read the Bible, their appreciation for the Scriptures will increase. THE JOHN BUNYAN STORY DVDJohn Bunyan spends his days in prison, separated from his wife and children. Living in the cold, stone cell is the price he pays for going against the Church of England. If only he would agree to stop preaching, John would walk out a free man! Why does he stay in jail and how will he continue to serve his Savior in this horrible place? Find out in this episode of The Torchlighters.DVD Special Features: Available in English and Spanish with optional English subtitles Interview with Steve Saint, son of Nate Saint, a fellow martyr with Jim Elliot Autobiography of Marj Saint Van Der Puy, Nate's wife Stimulating interview with Dr. David Daniel, Tyndale scholar Fascinating interview with actor Russell Boulter, voice of Tyndale Comprehensive leader's guide with background information, timeline of the period, additional resources, and more (located in the DVD-ROM folder) Reproducible student handouts, including comprehension and discussion questions, puzzles, activities, coloring, and moreGet your set of The Torchlighters: Heroes of the Faith 3-Pack TODAY!