Old Testament Animated Music DVDs

by CDI-Nest
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These two DVDs feature some of the most inspirational and touching moments from The Animated Stories from the Bibleå¨ library, these music DVDs are a must for every family's entertainment library. Beautiful musical scores and stunning animation make these stories more fun for the entire family. You'll watch and sing along with the songs that capture the drama and truths of the Bible library as never before. Each song features highlighted lyrics to make sing-a-longs a treat for everyone! Songs included:Volume 1 *My Child (From Abraham and Isaac) *I Will Serve Only Thee (From Joseph in Egypt) *Hannah's Song (From Samuel) *My Faith is Strong (From Elijah) *Heaven Came to the Rescue (From Daniel) *For Such a Time is This (From Esther) Volume 2 *Moses' Song (From Moses) *A Miracle (From Elisha) *Ruth's Song (From Ruth) *He Will Deliver Me (From David and Goliath) *The Wisdom of Solomon (From Solomon) *In a Wondrous Way (From Joseph's Reunion)