How to Run for Political Office - An Introduction to Civics, Elections & the American Political System

by TMW
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åÊ A perfect introduction for students, young political aspirants and future voters learning about the American Political system, this program tells the story of middle school teacher Dean Greco and his run for Congress. As an independent candidate, Dean soon learns that the odds are stacked against him. Determined to understand why independent and third-party candidates have a difficult time collecting votes, Dean and his campaign manager tour America to find out. Along the way they develop conversations with the general voting public, other candidates, strategists and political scientists on how the system can allow better access for all challengers. On their journey they discover some of the challenges facing third party/independent candidates, how to participate in the American political system (besides running for office), the foundations of the American political system, civic life, politics, government and the roles of citizens in American Democracy. It emphasizes the rights and responsibilities of civic participation and government to help students acquire the skills and knowledge they need to become active and informed community members. Students will learn about: * The foundations of the American Political system * Requirements to run for the House of Representatives * The role of citizens in American Democracy * Political Parties * Polling * Ballot Access