Founding Fathers George Washington and Benjamin Franklin DVD Set

by CDI-Nest
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Two examples of character every child shouldsee! Includes FREE Instant Download Resource & Activity Books!George Washington DVD:åÊ The "Father of his Country" (February 22, 1732- December 14, 1799) comes to life in this extraordinary story abouthis accomplishments as a military leader and political figure!As the symbol of republicanism in practice, Washington embodied American values and was seen across the world as the symbol of the new nation. Even today, scholars rank him among the three greatest U.S. Presidents. During Washington's funeral oration, Henry Leesaid that of among all Americans, George WashingtonåÊ was "first in war,first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen."Retrace the General‰۪s steps from the "the shot heard‰Û÷round the world" at Lexington to the dark days at Valley Forge. Followhis historic contributions as he helped form a new nation as the President of the Continental Congress. . . and then as the first elected President of the United States!Benjamin Franklin DVD:åÊ "Well doneåÊ is better than well said."åÊ -- Benjamin FranklinMost people credit Benjamin FranklinåÊ(January 17, 1706-April 17, 1790) with the invention of the lightning rod. But did you know that he also invented bifocals, a simple odometer, and an iron furnace stove? Now, through this 30-minute animated educational video, you can join the remarkable scientist, inventor and statesman as he rewrites human history with passion and inquisitiveness. åÊ Celebrate creativity and dedication by teaching your students about Benjamin Franklin and how he found ways to make everyday resources work better!