MegaWorld: United States (West)

by Cerebellum
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Focusing on the western half of the country, this fascinating special takes a closer look at how American scientists and engineers are leading the way in aviation, shipbuilding and civil engineering. San Francisco's quake-prone Bay Bridge is undergoing a mega safety upgrade that will see half the bridge demolished and replaced with the longest self-anchored suspension span in the world. Follow the logistical ballet of unloading tens of thousands of containers every day at the nation's busiest port. Join the Air Force on an unusual rescue mission as they fly a zoo elephant from Alaska to retirement in California on board a C-17, the only aircraft big enough for the job. Other engineering marvels include the first football stadium in North America with a retractable playing field and a Volkswagen Beetle souped-up with a jet engine for an extra 1350 horsepower.