Getting Better at Getting Along CD

by Jack Hartmann
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Ages 3 to 10 - Skills: Social skillsEducational Focus:Social skills,åÊFeelings,åÊManaging anger constructively,åÊNon-violence,åÊAlternatives to biting and hitting,åÊBuilding relationships,åÊPeacemaking,åÊPositive problem-solving,åÊFriendship & cooperationTeachers and children love Jack's originalåÊsong "Sticky Glue" and his upbeat, new version of "Teddy Bear", "Teddy Bear". 1. Hello 16. The Potty Dance 2. This Is the Way 17. The More We Move Together 3. Sticky Glue 18. Bells of Peace 4. The Lion and The Mouse 19. Hitting Hurts 5. Kid‰۪s Peace Song 20. RESPECT 6. Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear 21. Work It Out With Words 7. Show Me How You Feel! 22. If You‰۪re Angry and You Know It 8. Whole Lotta Love 23. Together 9. These Are My Hands 24. Say It The Same Assertiveness Game 10. Hands to Yourself 25. I‰۪m Thankful 11. Biting Hurts 26. So Much Love 12. If Friends Were Flowers 27. Positive Power 13. 3 Kind Mice 28. We Can Make a Better World 14. Freddy the Friendly Duck 29. I Love You Mommy 15. All the World Over 30. Chasing My Dream