Egermeiers Bible Storybook For Beginners

by Anchor
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Designed for a younger audience, Egermeier's Bible Storybook for Beginners features shorter versions of 19 of the best-loved stories from the original book, both Old and New Testaments, while retaining the traditional storytelling style Elsie Egermeier was famous for. Colorful new artwork by Pat Paris helps children understand the stories as a parent, Sunday school teacher or other adult reads to them. Little children should be able to retell each story for themselves based on what they see in the artwork. This Bible storybook is purposefully smaller so that young children can carry it, help turn the pages, and take ownership of it-making it a special Bible "just for me!" Each story is written in an engaging, easy-to-understand style and is biblically accurate without doctrinal bias. Many readers of the original storybook have continued to buy it generation after generation because of the integrity of the stories and their ability to convey biblical truth. Egermeier's Bible Storybook for Beginners maintains these values while providing for the needs of today's children with up-to-date, yet traditional, artwork and simplified stories appropriate for young children. This book will be a wonderful tool to build a foundation of faith that will last a lifetime.