Dragons Of The Deep

by New Leaf Press
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Wieland‰۪s riveting text and easy descriptions are complemented by the beautiful full-color illustrations by acclaimed artist Darrell Wiskur. Readers will be amazed that these complex, huge beasts actually lived. The author provides a thoroughly biblical analysis of them as well, insisting that these ‰ÛÏdragons of the sea‰۝ came into existence during the creation week as outlined in Genesis.Amazing colorful illustrations of sea monsters that actually lived in the oceansCome face-to-face with giant sharks that could chomp a fishing boat in a single bite! See how huge these colossal creatures really were when compared to familiar objects (like school buses!) Learn how and where to find the fossils of these water-dwelling reptilesCould some of these menacing monsters still inhabit the oceans today?80 pages ‰ۢ 8 1/2 X 11 ‰ۢ Hardcover ‰ۢ Full-color Interior