Advanced Spanish: Building on the Basics

by Cerebellum
SKU: 1050298

Do you have a little bit of background with the Spanish language, but want to build on that foundation? Then Estes el programa para ti! (translation: This is the program for you!) First, the award-winning Standard Deviants will review the basics of Spanish, like gender, agreement, conjugational verbs...the stuff you should already know. Then they'll go over irregular verbs, new verb constructions, making comparisons, adverbs, prepositions, direct and indirect object pronouns, and even prepositional pronouns. This DVD is also a chock full of fun with scenes and conversations that will help you master the concepts covered.Co-Written by Esperanza Roman-Mendoza, Ph.D., George Mason University and Lora D. Price, Gloucester High SchoolRun Time: 1:30 Grade Level: 6+