Where There's A Will - Christmas DVD

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Richie Greene's (Frank Whaley) luck is about to run out. His latest con has failed miserably and now he can't repay Paulie (Dan Riordan), a merciless loan shark who has promised to start removing Richie's fingers until he pays up. And then...the phone rings. On the line is an offer he can't refuse: to look after his ailing grandmother Clyde (Marion Ross), who he's never even met. As Clyde's only living relative, Richie would also be the only heir to her estate. In need of a hideout, a decent scam, and a nice inheritance, Richie says hello to Hicksville...only to discover that Clyde is anything BUT the naive old lady knocking on death's door he'd hoped for... Full of wisdom and heart, unexpected humor and the unpredictable turns of life, Where There's a Will is a film about the value of family ties and the second chances we sometimes take for granted.