Waste of Candy - Teens Making the Right Choices & the Consequences of Making the Wrong Decisions

by TMW
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Waste of Candy is an award-winning short film that challenges our moral and ethical responsibility to ourselves and to society. The film explores one teenager‰۪s struggle with a critical decision: should he try to stop a seemingly intoxicated couple from driving with their young child? The film gives two scenarios: Scenario One: The teenager does nothing. He lets the couple get in their car with their little girl and the car crashes and the girl is killed. Scenario Two: The teenager stops the couple from driving and calls the Police. This program makes an important point for students to consider. Taking action against drunk driving (or any irresponsible act) may seem like an unpopular decision, however they must consider the possible consequences if they fail to take action. Students will be challenged to explore their moral and ethical responsibilities to themselves and to society. Students Will Learn: More about drinking, abuse, trying to stop a person from getting behind the wheel and HOW you can CHANGE someone‰۪s actions. How you can PREVENT situations like this from happening ‰ÛÒ even as a teenager. To TAKE ACTION when you believe something is wrong. Taking a stand against drinking and driving it can be difficult and things might go wrong, but you must WEIGH THE POSSIBILITIES if you don‰۪t act. For Discussion: If you see something happening that you feel is wrong do you have a social responsibility to do something about it? What are the pluses and minuses about trying to help a friend that is abusing alcohol or drugs? What makes it difficult to cross social boundaries?