Light Speed Math: Number Crunching

by Cerebellum
SKU: GH3939

Lean math at a lightning-fast pace with Light Speed Math! This 2-disc set features 1 Digital Workbook CD-ROM with outline & notes, practice questions, games, and quizzes, besides the Number Crunching Video Program DVD. Presented by actors and comedians, students will learn about whole numbers, place value, comparing numbers, rounding numbers, number line, decimals, addition, subtraction, estimating, and problem-solving skills in a lively and engaging way! Travel into a world filled with numbers, lines, and operations! Topics Covered:Whole NumbersPlace ValueComparing NumbersRounding NumbersNumber LineIntroduction to DecimalsAdditionSubtractionEstimatingProblem-Solving skillsContent Includes: DVD Video - high quality, attention grabbing video presentation of conceptsCD-ROM - digital workbook with an outline, quizzes, video notes, practice questions and games.Run Time: 42 Grade Level: 3-5